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We offer a smaller infant/toddler program with 8 children and two Educators. We feel that a smaller group of children aged 0-36 months is beneficial for the children and Educators. Our infants and toddlers are still able to enrich their social development by interacting with other children, but in a more intimate, calm setting.

This allows for Educators to have more one-on-one bonding time with each child individually. That child-caregiver bond is so important, especially between 0-3 years of age. This builds trust and a healthy attachment. We are easily able to accommodate each child’s individual needs and prevent a child from becoming over-stimulated.

We have created our Infant/Toddler program with infants and toddlers in mind individually. We have a variety of toys and materials that meet the developmental needs of each child in the program. An example of materials in our infant/toddler program are:

  • loose parts (smaller, natural materials for exploration)
  • small and large blocks
  • cars, animals, people
  • sensory materials (touch and feel books, sensory table, sensory wall)
  • different types of art materials

Our toys and materials are swapped every 2 weeks to a month. We follow the children’s leads and interests, which determines how often we swap out the toys.

3 Years Program

Our 3 year program focuses on the transition from toddler to preschooler. We have a large dramatic play area for children to enhance their social/emotional, language and intellectual development. We provide materials that children can pretend play with.

We offer preschool activities at a developmentally appropriate level for newly preschool-aged children. This includes circle/group time, theme based art and sensory activities, science and math.


4-5 Years Program

Our 4-5 years program focuses on older preschool aged children and their development. We have a wide variety of materials for kindergarden readiness, as well as a variety of areas to learn through play.
During the school year we focus on reading/writing/language/math skills.
Circle/group time consists of theme based songs, stories, games, science and math activities.
We offer a 4-hour morning Early Learning program as well as full-day care.


Nutrition is an important component of healthy child development. We promote this by providing our families with healthy food options and ideas for their child’s daily meals. While we do not provide meals at this time, we still keep healthy food options on hands to supplement if/when needed. We continue to supply homogenized milk for the children as well. If an infant has breastmilk or formula, we can store some here to have on hand. Breast milk can be stored for up to six months in a refrigerator or freezer.

Outdoor Play and Learning

For outdoor play, we have several places to explore. We have two yards, as well as the facility backs onto Hook Park. Westmount Park is just down the street from us, as well as Westmount Elementary. We spend plenty of time outside every day, rain or shine.

During the summer, we go on many field trips. Parents are given ample notice for field trips. If we are going anywhere that is outside of walking distance, we will take the city bus. Special field trips that require parent volunteers, we will utilize parent and staff vehicles with proper car seats for every child.

Rest/Quiet Time

Infants and Toddlers nap throughout the day on their own individual schedules. It is important that all children have time during the day to rest their bodies and unwind. Children are required to have a minimum of 30 minutes of quiet/rest time per day. Children that nap in the 3-5 program have a 2-hour window to nap. Children that do not nap will be able to do quiet activities during the nap window.


Parents can drop by whenever; however, this varies with some children. For some children, seeing their parents come to the center and then leave again can be disruptive for them and upset them. A parent can come and breastfeed their child at any time. We have an open-door policy and the only time the door isn’t available to be open is when we are away from the center with the children. Our doors are always locked for the safety of the children. Other people that are allowed to visit during childcare hours, are families touring the center and anyone scheduled to come do activities with the children.


Communicating With Families

Communication is so important between families and Educators. Educators strive to make time to communicate with families at pick up; however the end of the day and pick up times can be busy.

We use the Hi Mama app to effectively communicate with families throughout the day and at the end of the day with reports sent right to parents’ emails.


Full Time:  $1200.00/month
 Part Time 3 days a week:  $920.00/ month
Part Time 2 days a week.:  $680.00/ month

Full Time:  $1100.00/month
 Part Time 3 days a week:  $800.00/ month
Part Time 2 days a week.:  $600.00/ month

Full Time:  $925.00
Part Time 3 days a week:  $665.00
Part Time 2 days a week:  $485.00

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